Lirik Lagu Marshanda - Letter to God

I'm holding my tears from falling downn
Feeling this feeling of love from you
I thought i've never known you
Cos i've never seen you

When here you are all this time
Trying to teach me about what love is
Through breakdowns, meltdowns, stressed-ups and crash-downs
There you are

Here you are all this time
Trying to let me know how it feels to appreciate when i finally feel
What love is

And now i can't believe life could be this beautiful
That i can ever be this happy

I thought i am about to die
Cos i never felt this way
Not once as real as this now

And i feel chill on my feet
Really i thought i'm about to die just now

But it is You
Trying to let me know, that

I deserve love
I deserve a happy life

And this has finally become
this day
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